When you're out of alignment with your truth, you're out of alignment with the cash, pure and simple.

The problem for most heart-centered entrepreneurs is they really don't know what their truth is.

Actually, you do know, but it might be hidden way deep down inside. In fact, many of you have not yet discovered the real reason you're in business. This isn't the reason the world sees. It's a secret that only you know.

Your truth is where everything finally falls into place. It's where you stop burning yourself out. It's the point at which you shift out of Waiting, Striving or Wanting and your business starts to move. Things become easy.

Your truth is where you finally achieve cash alignment.

Getting to your truth can be challenging because you may have been told your whole life that it wasn't okay to be yourself, or someone else might have taken on your power (or you gave it to them) — maybe a parent or a spouse, or even a business coach or mentor. And now you're ready to stop living someone else's idea of what's right for you. 

That can be both exhilarating and a little scary at the same time.

Living your truth means embracing your inner weirdo and letting that part of you be expressed in your business.  It means having the courage to throw out some of what you've learned because it doesn't feel right to you.

To get to your truth and live it, you'll have to get real with yourself.

There's a simple trick I use to get to my truth. It's three little words. It's so easy you might not even believe it works.

These three words are incredibly powerful. Any time I find myself struggling or find myself slipping into a Wanting state, I use this tool.

The three little words are these: "The truth is …"

Think of something you're struggling with right now, and then say those words, letting your subconscious respond. Don't analyze it or try to find the "right" answer … whatever comes out is perfectly okay. I call this blurting.

Keep repeating "The truth is" and blurting what comes out until there aren't any more words inside needing to be expressed.

Here are some truths that I've blurted out over the years using this exercise. Each of these statements freed me and allowed a shift in energy to take place (some of them may surprise you):

The truth is …

* I enjoy creating more than anything else.
* I'm not having any fun.
* I've done pretty darn well. Why am I beating myself up?
* I don't want to do this anymore.
* I'm sick of people acting like there's something wrong with me that I don't desire a 7-figure business.
* Turning people away because they're broke feels heartless and cold to me.
* I'm working twice as many hours as I did in my corporate job and barely getting by. What's the point?
* I'm lonely.
* This isn't working.
* I feel like I'm dying inside; I need to write more music.
* I hate working Fridays.
* I have everything I need.

* I need to stop pretending that "next month" everything is going to be okay.
* This teacher's approach feels icky to me. I'm not going to use it, and I don't care what she thinks.
* I'm frightened.

These were major shift moments in my state of being and in creating the results I desired. MAJOR. They allowed me to stop kidding myself and make clear decisions that were in alignment with who I truly am.

Those decisions positively liberated me. They got me moving in a new direction.

When you avoid the truth, or don't seek it out and get real with yourself, you cannot achieve alignment with the money. Everything is way too hard, or you stay stuck in Waiting. Or, worse yet, you build your business around someone else's truth. 

Discovering your truth and creating a plan from that foundation is what I do with my private clients. It's so fun! We literally make a map of your truth and your resulting marketing platform so you always know which decision to make.


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