Write. Write some more. And see how your world changes.

Connect to your true voice and nourish yourself in this month-long supportive program.

Are you creatively hungry?
When you go to write in your business, does a part of you shut off?
Do you feel fragmented, or spiritually disconnected?

I have experienced all those things. And you don’t have to have a business like I do to feel this way.

Several years into my entrepreneurial journey, though, I had an awareness that the writing I was doing in my business sounded very different from the person I was when I was with my friends, or even the writing I had done before I started my business.

As a writer, I was mostly a humorist and a humanist. Yet, in nine years in business, I had only written three pieces that were truly in my voice, and only one humorous blog post, which came out in a sarcastic tone — not really my thing.

I was squelching myself.

I felt creatively shut off from my true voice.

A part of me did not think it was okay to bring all of me into the writing I did in my business.

I also felt creatively starved and soul-disconnected.  

Over the years, I knew I should be writing. I’d bought journal after journal but they ended up lying there, empty. It’s widely known that journaling is one of the best daily practices around for overall well-being and connecting with the truest parts of you.

One day, I tried to write again, something in my real voice.

I was so creatively shut off, I couldn’t get myself to write a word.

Meanwhile, my business writing was very businessy. Not fully “me” at all, but what I thought somewhere inside of me business writing was supposed to sound like.

Where had the real me gone?

Finally, I wrote a sentence. Just one true sentence.

It was a start.

I sat some more. I wrote a little more, about something else. I felt my voice coming through, finally, not quite fully, but almost.

(The humorist in me was pissed, evidently, and wouldn’t come out for a long time; pissed that I hadn’t laughed while working in six years. Pissed that she had been hidden away, even though she was the most joyful part of me.)

It took me a few more years to fully reconnect with my true voice. It came in layers.

It started through a regular practice of journaling, which is a soul trust-builder.

I knew for sure that I’d never fully self-express in my business or my relationships until I could fully self-express in my journal and my other writing.

When you shut off parts of you, you cannot expect to attract people who will bring you joy. You cannot expect to be aligned or in flow in your life.

Self-expression is vital to life, like water and air.

It is nourishment for your soul.

I’m still working on it day after day … to remember that “business Beth” is the same person as “friend Beth” and “humorist Beth” and “screenwriter Beth.”

If you’ve experienced that squelching, hiding away or just had trouble connecting with how to write like YOU in business or even in your interpersonal communication, I hope you’ll join me in October.

Would you like some help connecting with your true voice, or getting the creative nourishment you deserve?

Join me in October for a month-long writing group and let’s get your creative nourished and connected.

“Writing is the doorway to so many things for me … the most important being a connection with the truest part of me, and a way to self-express that spills over into the rest of my life.”  ~ Beth

What You’ll Experience:

  • You’ll be provided with an array of writing prompts (enough to do daily, if you wish).

  • You’ll receive encouragement to get into a regular writing practice (if you’re not  in one already).

  • I’ll help you practice transforming plain writing into “YOU” writing through fun exercises.

  • You’ll get loving support through optional virtual meetings, held weekly via audio/video conference. (Video is optional.)

This is not a business writing how-to class. It is not a copywriting class, either. It’s not a fiction-writing, poetry nor essay-writing class either (but you can write in any of those genres if you wish!).

It’s a chance to connect — through writing — to your soul and your muse, so that connection can spill over into the writing you do in your other aspects of your life, like a business or your relationships.

It’s also a chance to have fun, fill yourself up and connect virtually with like-minded people. That’s a great reason by itself!

You might even choose to dive into a creative writing project you’ve been putting off, if that’s what’s been missing for you, or get a head start on NaNoWriMo, if you plan to participate this year.

It’s all about creative nourishment, which can lead to so many things!

How It Will Work

The program will run four weeks starting the week of October 1. You will go at your own pace and content will be distributed via email. 

The fee is $125, including the optional virtual Q&A / Support meetings.

This is special Beta pricing, and all I ask is that you fill out a survey at the end. Deal?

The virtual Q&A meetings will be held Tuesdays at 3 pm Eastern (US) / 12 pm Pacific / 9 pm Amsterdam.

(Recordings will be sent out and you can submit questions even if you can’t make it live.)

We will connect online via a Google Group, too, where you can make friends and share your writing, if you choose. (NO Facebook group … too many distractions from the peaceful practice of writing.)


Ready to get writing in October?

Click below to reserve your spot.

Your investment in yourself is $125.

*Registration has closed. To be notified of future programs, click here and opt in at the top for updates.*


I can’t make the meetings “live.” Will I still get what I need out of the program? Yes, the meetings are there for added support and are optional. You may submit questions even if you can’t make it live, and I’ll answer them. I’ll then send out a recording.

I’m a lone wolf and don’t want to be on the meetings. Is this okay? Yes. The program is about writing, which tends to be quite a solitary activity. 😉

I don’t do business writing but you mentioned it a few times on this page. Is this program still right for me? Yes, The program does not teach business writing. The reason it’s mentioned on this page is because many of the people who will be signing up happen to be entrepreneurs, and so am I.

Will I be turning in assignments? No.

Will you critique my writing as a part of this program? No. This is all about creative connection. If you’re writing a book and want me to edit it, message me and I can quote you a price.

Have a question?

Have a question? Click “Send Beth a Message” in the corner of this page and she’ll respond to you as soon as she can.

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