Gretchen Pritts

  • Intuitive Business Coach and Reiki
  • Gretchen's own archetypes: Conversational Truth Guide | Compelling Creative Truth Guide | Charismatic Supporter
  • Archetypes served: Charismatic Truth Guide | Conversation Truth Guide | Compelling Creative Truth Guide | Charismatic Supporter | Conversation Supporter | Compelling Creative Supporter
  • Languages: English

About me

I help coaches, healers and other purpose driven business owners gain the clarity they need so they can create a clear path from their soul’s purpose to their business vision.

Gretchen’s business facts

Gretchen Pritts is an intuitive business coach and Reiki Master that helps new purpose driven and soul-inspired business owners bridge the gap between their business and their soul, to create a magical life!

Her goal is to help her clients create a ridiculously clear path from their soul’s purpose to their business vision. Together she works through a 7-step process that guides her clients through everything from creating their business vision and discovering how to express themselves to implementing their plan and making adjustments.

Gretchen works with coaches, healers, energy workers, light workers and other purpose driven business owners. Typically, these business owners are transitioning from a successful corporate career to follow their passion or calling. Sometimes, they already have a successful business that is non spiritual and they want to move into a more soul based business.  

Often the clients Gretchen works with are coming out of the “woo woo” closet and are worried about what others will think, if they can be successful and how they put all the pieces together. However, their desire to move in this direction is so big that they will do what it takes to make it happen.

Services: Business planning and visioning, marketing strategy

Gretchen’s fun facts

What three words would others most often use to describe you?
Understanding, compassionate and motivating

Only you have the power to change you.

Favorite quote
Leap and the net will appear. —John Burroughs

Business hero/heroine
My Grandma, Deke English

Favorite business moment
I worked with a client on marketing and creating her first webinar, which was a simple live coaching experience with her newsletter subscribers and social media followers. It was TOTALLY and completely her – and this was before I even knew about the Archetype Alignment Grid 😉 Long story short – we had no expectations attached to the results. We were simply running a webinar to interact with her followers and give back. And I must say the results blew us away. We had 2000 people register and 700 people show up live to the call! She casually offered a $97 product at the end and sold over $10,000. This was such a joy and honor to witness and experience – all because she was in complete alignment with everything she created and put out there.

I love gardening, composting and canning veggies (especially pickles).

What Gretchen wants to shout from the rooftops
There is absolutely nothing that can support you on your business journey like the Grid. It is the foundation for your business. From your business structure to your marketing, the grid will help you bring your vision into reality. When you align your whole business with who you are as a person, the pieces fall into place.

Additional information

Archetypes served

Charismatic Truth Guide, Conversation Truth Guide, Compelling Creative Truth Guide, Charismatic Supporter, Conversation Supporter, Compelling Creative Supporter




Business planning and visioning, Marketing strategy


Business support, Business coaching, Business coaching for healers, Growing a healing practice, Growing a coaching practice, How to get clear on your business vision, How to turn your passion into a business

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