A Tale of Two Entrepreneurs

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Once upon a time, there were two entrepreneurs. "I want to make a difference in the world, and I want to have the freedom I can't get by working for someone else," they both said.

Entrepreneur A floundered and flopped around. She didn't have a strategy in her business or understand her marketing foundation. In [...]

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Below is Chapter One from my e-book, The Four States of Being. To get your free copy of the book, click here. If you'd already read the book, feel free to share your comments and insights below.

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At any given time, a human being dwells [...]

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Most days, I have a pretty bright bulb upstairs. But it's clear I was missing the obvious. All these years.

See, I'd been doing just fine, bumping along working with clients and serving my members and giving out free Alignment Kits. I'm even working on a certification program for business coaches so you'll have people [...]

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One of the things I have vowed to do before I croak someday is to help you be yourself – in business, in relationships, in life. To find the truth and honor it. To make conscious choices that result in self-expression.

I feel strongly about this because it was one of my greatest struggles. I'm [...]

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How do you determine what programs and services to invest in for your business or your personal development?

I hear from so many people who are disappointed in the results from the money they spent on business programs, coaches and personal growth opportunities. I, too, have spent substantial money and been left feeling bewildered at [...]

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People often ask me, "When it comes to my business, how can I stay stuck? I love chasing my tail." So I thought it might be useful to reveal my secrets for the four best strategies I've seen for getting nowhere with your business.

Strategy #1: Do not have fun, and whatever you do, don't [...]

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I hired a six-year-old to run my business, but only after the teenager I'd put in the corner office had messed things up pretty bad.

Let me explain.

In my five year journey as an entrepreneur, I have faced many challenges. I have also reaped many rewards, like being able to spend three winters in [...]

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Have you ever been caught in limbo? Like when someone doesn't actually break up with you, but just stops acknowledging your existence. Or when you feel like you a big change, but you haven't figured out what to do instead. So you keep trying to make the "old" thing work and pretend you are actually [...]

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If you haven't heard about Miley Cyrus's performance at the Video Music Awards, you must be living on a mountaintop in Tibet. People seemed shocked, freaked out and disgusted by her behavior last month as she strutted on stage during Robin Thicke's song, "Blurred Lines," twerking and sticking out her tongue. She might as well [...]

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I have gone through long periods in my life of feeling lost. Intensely lost. Like I'm down the rabbit hole and can't find my way out.

I have been a perpetual seeker, a workaholic, a failure (twice) and a damsel in distress (mostly with myself).

I have cried the ugly cry. The ugly cry is [...]

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