Money without joy is just a job. Joy without money is a hobby.


Either of these without freedom is a burden.


Don’t you deserve to get into alignment in your business …

where money, joy, and freedom coexist?

What things look like when we get our hands dirty.

What things look like when we get our hands dirty.

I believe that with a little guidance in the fundamentals of how to be yourself in business, unlimited possibilities await you.

That sounds strange, doesn’t it? That someone would need to guide you in how to be yourself, which should be the most natural thing in life, right?

But you know what I’m talking about. You’ve been told, “Just do what I did” … only, it didn’t work … or it did, but the whole time you were doing it, you felt a weird mix of shame, discomfort, and guilt. And that person’s voice is still in your ear, and your confidence has been slowly, gradually chipped away until you’re not sure you can trust yourself to make the right decisions anymore.

You’ve heard people say, “It’s really easy … just follow these three steps or say these words and you can be a million-dollar earner like me.” (And then they sell you something that’s ineffective, because what you really need isn’t another class, or a “group” that has 100 other people in it, but a customized strategy from someone who really takes the time to know you and your business deeply.


If you’re ready for a fresh approach, maybe we should talk.



Nina Manolson and Beth celebrating after two productive days.

Nina Manolson and Beth celebrating after two productive days.

I help service providers, creatives, and coaches in three main areas: marketing, content flesh-out and business model (your offers mix and how to price it).

My ideal client is someone who is smart, business-savvy and for whom purpose is paramount. You have stellar content or ideas — most of which is sitting on a shelf, or you wonder, “Why am I not making more money when I’m so effective at what I do or my ideas are so good?” You are fully committed to being an entrepreneur and are way past the idea that this is a side gig or hobby.

You may have even bought into the myth that you need to learn to be charismatic … or the latest one: that everyone who wants to be successful online needs to be using video, or you don’t stand a chance. (Biggest lie ever.)

Here’s a little more about you: You are making money but something is off. From time to time, your business has a heaviness to it and on those days, you secretly wish you could just put your head under the covers and never come out. But you put on a brave face and keep going. Or maybe there’s a clunkiness to your marketing and sometimes things are flowing so GREAT and other times … crickets.



Here’s what’s really going on: you’re not totally misaligned.

You’re in Partial Alignment.


The most dangerous part of operating this way is the people you’re serving probably aren’t even tapping into the best and highest you have to offer. Your business becomes “good enough” when there is so much more simplicity – money – joy – freedom available to you. When you are totally aligned, things feel light and serving your clients is fulfilling that way you imagined it would be.


One of Beth's favorite tools for creating alignment -- The Joy-Money Matrix™

One of Beth’s favorite tools for creating alignment — The Joy-Money Matrix™

Maybe once or twice a client tapped into that best-and-highest part of you, and you knew it when it happened and it felt FABULOUS, didn’t it? “Give me some more of THAT,” you thought. And then you went back to the way you were taught to do it by someone who was doing their best but simply didn’t understand that not everyone is like them.

Remember back when you decided to let go of the security of your job (or maybe the universe reassigned you)? What was the #1 thing you wanted to be different? If you’re like most people I know, I’ll bet it had something to do with freedom. You wanted to come and go as you please and feel like you mattered, and that your talents weren’t going to waste.

Is your business really giving you that freedom? Financial freedom? Freedom to be yourself, not to feel squelched inside or put on a mask? Do you have the freedom to exercise radical self-care? To take tons of time off to read books and create or travel if that’s what you want? To be as materially thoughtful as your heart desires? To fulfill the vision for your life, or even to discover what that is? To retire in luxury someday?

Alignment is about honoring who you are inside, and honoring what you say is most important to you so your business can bring it to you. Alignment is about following the inner voice and seeking to be empowered, not to be told what to do. It’s about letting yourself believe that you have the wisdom to find your way and hiring people who believe this about you, too. 


As a client recently wrote to me in an unsolicited email, “Alignment is real!” Yes, it is.


Misalignment shows up in many ways, but there are common clues: your energy is being drained, your results are hit or miss, you feel confined by your business or you’re doing stuff you don’t want to do because you think you have to. Guess what? You don’t.

Getting aligned starts with two things:

Your archetype … and a conversation.


If you haven’t found your marketing archetype, you can watch this webinar: Why Your Marketing Isn’t Generating the Response You’d Like and How to Fix it.” (It’s very enlightening. From there you’ll be shown how to download your free Archetype Alignment Kit.)


Once you’re pretty sure you know what your archetype might be, you can apply for a free consultation.

That will give me the information to help me see your next step. That might be hiring me for a one-off session or hiring me for in-depth strategy work with you in person. I’ve met with people in NYC, Scottsdale, Utrecht, Denver, near Amsterdam and in Chicago — any place that we find a mutually-agreeable. If meeting in person isn’t possible, we can discuss meeting virtually via video conference.

The best solution for you could in some cases mean getting connected with one of my brilliant and highly-trained Certified Ambassadors or even a free resource or program I’m aware of if I think that’s the right solution for you.

Once we receive your application, we’ll let you know within a few days your next steps and anything else you’ll need to know, including whether there is a fee involved. So go ahead and take the first step by giving me a little info about yourself and your business … that’s all it takes.

Again, just click the link below to take the next step by requesting a conversation about your business.


(Questions? Just click “Send Beth a Message” on the lower-right part of this page.)

While you’re here, why not scroll down to read what others have said, who took the step to get aligned by working with me?

(If you do not hear back from us within a few days, be sure to email me and make sure we received your application.)

Nina Manolson, 2-Day Intensive, Chicago, Illinois

Focus: Business Model and Marketing Alignment

I liked that you asked what the goals were in advance and then we clarified them when we got started.”

Why did you purchase your intensive with Beth?  I was hitting a wall of exhaustion and frustration with feeling like I had to be marketing ALL the time. It felt like too much for me and too much for my followers.

Greatest insights from your Intensive Days: Creating a biz model that wasn’t based on selling many, many programs. Simplifying. I also saw how to increase my income by serving people in a way that is actually better for them … and for me.

How did you feel after your Intensive Day: Lighter, more aligned and clearer about my business or how to market myself.

Most valuable part: Being in person and really deconstructing my biz and reconstructing it in a way that works so much better for ME!

What words would you use to describe what it was like working with Beth? Creative. SO SMART! Very receptive. Organic. Collaborative. You are brilliant, caring, real, fun and insightful.

Nina Manolson

Health & Psychology of Eating Coach

Lisa Newman, Half-Day Intensive, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Focus: Marketing (Pipeline) Alignment, Content Refinement & Positioning

“Did I walk away with what I hoped I would? Absolutely.”

Why did you purchase your intensive with Beth?  I wanted more clarity.

Greatest insights from your Intensive Day: I think I’m finally getting the Truth Guide part about insight being enough, and not needing to teach or provide tips in the marketing.

How did you feel after your Intensive Day: Lighter, more aligned, clearer about my business or how to market myself.

Most valuable part: Going through the pipelines and getting clear on what should and shouldn’t be included in the marketing content. Clarity on the primary and secondary pipelines.

Favorite aspect: Being face to face and getting to talk about my business with someone who knows something. It’s hard to work alone.

What words would you use to describe what it was like working with Beth? Flexible, easy to talk to, open minded. You listen well. You gave concrete answers and feedback. You stayed clear even when I was all over the place.

Elisabeth Newman


Laura Halpin, 1.5 day Intensive, Chicago, Illinois

My work with Beth was and continues to be essential for my mental health and the health of my business. What Beth offers is not some stagnant curriculum that is one-size-fits-all. To the contrary, her approach is that each of us needs to align our business and our business strategies with our values and personality, or they’ll fall flat and we’ll be stressed out. I find her to be a wonderful alternative to the big-sell, big-promises of many marketing professionals.

Even though she operates on a very individual, values-based level, she also guides on the most practical level. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Beth. I’m so happy to have access to so much curriculum and time with her beyond my intensive work with her. The VIP package is very generous , considering all aspects of the package.

Laura Halpin

Certified Nutrition Consultant, Growing Health

M. Shannon Hernandez, Phone Sessions Over 3 Months

Focus: Marketing Alignment, Teleseminar Revamp, Consultations Revamp

“My results? Aligned webinar, aligned conversation, aligned intake questions. I also raised my rates by 60% and filled my coaching practice in 2 months with my new rates! Success!”

Why did you decide to hire Beth?  I needed help aligning my marketing.

Did you feel I got clear on your priorities and needs during your free consultation? I loved your intake process. It was very personal and I could tell you truly were listening and wanted to help me if you could. I also valued that you took enough time with me to really understand what it was that I needed.

What did you like most about working with me? I really liked the process of working together with you. You promptly answered emails and gave great feedback. You also stopped to ask me what I wanted and how things FELT to me. This was huge for me–tapping into my intuition and not running on autopilot or “guru” style.

How did you feel after your Intensive Day: Lighter, more aligned and clearer about my business or how to market myself.

Most valuable part: I liked the 1:1 work we did to get my teleseminar ready for the Truth Guide world! I also really liked learning about conversations for intake calls and getting clear on my intake questions was key for me.

What words would you use to describe what it was like working with Beth? Enlightening, aligned, joyful. I looked forward to our 1:1 calls together, because I knew you had my best interests at heart.

What’s the best thing that’s happened in your business or life since your work with me was completed, that you attribute at least in part to our work together? Joyful and easy marketing–hands down.


M Shannon Hernandez

Business Coach & Content Strategist

Mary Strachan, 1-day Intensive, Chicago, Illinois

Focus: Find the misalignments causing heaviness and other challenges

“Well worth the money. A powerful experience. At the end of the day, I felt much lighter – like a burden had been lifted off my chest.”

Why did you decide to hire Beth?  To understand why I was unhappy and get some more clarity on what to do in my business.

Did you walk away with what you had hoped you would? Absolutely.

What did you like most about working with me? I find you are very easy to work with and talk with…and you are very knowledgable.

Most valuable part: The Joy/Money Matrix™ and defining my clients..

What words would you use to describe what it was like working with Beth? Inspiring, patient, supportive.

Did you gain any insights or ideas from working with me? If so, what were the most valuable to you? There were a lot of insights, but I think the biggest one was learning that I have been ignoring the Connector in me, and since then, I have realized that I may even be a Connector/compelling Content person!

What results or outcomes did you get from your 1-day intensive? Lots of clarity and direction. Decisions made and a list of actions and ideas of more decisions to make. I felt much lighter – like a burden had been lifted off my chest.


Mary Strachan

Sandy Ross, Single Phone Session

What possible good can a single consulting session be, I thought? I already know all this stuff, I thought.

But, I said to me, her Alignment Grid tells me that she is the first consultant who has ‘got’ who I am and how I feel I need to communicate with my ideal clients. Okay I’ll try a single session and see what happens.

What happened in that hour blew my mind! It wasn’t the same ‘this worked for me, just follow’ stuff that I’d got from business coaches. Beth helped me get very clear about where I want to go, fine-tune my existing materials to get me there faster, and then also see what’s possible in the future. In one hour. Incredible.

I finished our session clear, excited, motivated and with none of that ‘didn’t quite land it’ feeling I’ve had with other consultants. I can’t wait to work with Beth again, after I’m done tweaking. What else is possible?

Sandy Ross

Holistic Counsellor and Body Image Coach

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