During the past six months I reconnected with my love for painting and have been diving into it deep. This was great except that I live in a luxury high rise in a studio apartment. So, my living space was now where I eat, sleep, work and also make all of my art.

There is not enough room, but mainly, it was an issue because of the lack of ventilation (vapors from some paint mediums).

Here’s the thing. I really don’t want to pay as much rent as I’m paying. If I’m going to be paying this much, I should own my place, but for various reasons, I don’t want to do that right now.

I wanted to lower my rent by about one third which would allow me to build up more savings.

And I wanted to rent an art studio so I could have a dedicated, safe-for-my-lungs place to make my art.

AND, I wanted a lot more space in general.

I knew that moving would require an extra expense, too, of a security deposit, which didn’t thrill me (my current building only required a small move-in fee). I just preferred not to pay it.

Sounds like a tall order, huh?

I started looking for apartments in my town, since I love living here. I even entertained the idea of getting a two bedroom and using one of them as an art studio but I quickly discovered that would mean paying about the same rent as my current studio apartment and I wouldn’t be able to get anything nearly as nice.

I looked at getting a cheaper studio and then renting an art studio (which would be about $500/ month and would mean commuting to the studio since zero were available in my town). Hmmm. The places weren’t right for me; either not nice enough or not a great location. I did find an art studio if I wanted to rent it but a major pain to get there and an added expense of the $500/month.

So, using the Access Consciousness® clearing statement, I asked the question, “What would it take to find the perfect place for me that I can easily afford?” I also asked, “What would it take for me to have an art studio that I can easily afford?”

Meanwhile my friend who lives in my building was looking to buy a place, and I went with her to see what was available. The places were okay. I don’t think she was thrilled with what was available. They were all 1 BRs.

I kept looking for studios, one bedrooms, two bedroom and art studios.

Then, I had an inspired idea: BING! What if we moved in together as roommates? I haven’t had a roommate in 20 years and neither had she, but we know each other and are both introverts, and like each other. I opened up to the possibility and asked her about it, and she was open to exploring it.

I immediately found a listing for a gigantic 3 BR. It also has something I’ve always wanted that is perfect but I never even dreamed I could have: a screened in porch AND a back porch large enough for a table/chairs. It is in a perfect location. And my rent goes down by 33% AND we have a dedicated room for an art studio — no extra $500!

It’s beautiful and has shelves and shelves of built-in bookcases. Because the offer was a sublease and the guy is eager to get out of the lease, he offered to pay us $1200 to move in. Yes, you read that right. That takes care of a big part of our security deposit. It even comes with a garage spot in case I get a car again or have guests in town!

And the landlord asked if instead of subleasing, we’d like to just sign our own lease. We said sure, but the guy subleasing said he would still pay us the $1200.

I’m telling you, being open and seeking awareness is where it’s at.

UPDATE: We decided not to take that apartment because we wanted something newer and didn’t like some of the lease terms. And within a week we found an even better place. We not only get the balcony we wanted, but also a fireplace, huge round jacuzzi tub for me, it’s much newer and nicer and it’s a duplex so we’re on separate floors. And of course, we have an art studio, too. 🙂

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