Teach what you have mastered

I wish with all my heart that people would stop believing the adage “We teach what we need to learn.”

The truth is, no one wants to pay someone they don’t view as an expert.

Here is my advice if you want to be in alignment: Teach what you have mastered.

We all have mastered something. Every one of us. Usually we are so unconsciousness competent at this thing we don’t even see the enormous opportunity it brings for us as a business.

Like Jessica. I first met Jessica Vazquez during the Create Your Truth Guide Webinar class last summer. After the class she reached out wanting help choosing a business model and creating a marketing strategy, so she flew to Chicago in October and we got to meet in person. She flew here all the way from Mexico City!

I wanted to help her to create a Joy Money Matrix™ (a tool I use) so we could get a handle on what would be aligned with her in the big picture of her business

Image of Jessica during her intensive day.
model, and then we would create a day-to-day marketing plan.

But in the first 20 minutes of our meeting, it became clear that Jessica was in the wrong brand. She was leading people — doing a good job — at something she was still in the midst of experiencing herself, when there was this other gigantic gold mine in her life: personal finance transformation.

See, Jessica is still a young woman, and in chatting, I learned that she went from feeling strapped financially early in her 30’s, with a lot of financial mess, to learning with her husband about managing and creating money, to creating real wealth for themselves in just a few years.

In fact, they have already paid off their mortgage and bought investment properties, are debt-free and have plenty of savings.

Jessica had even identified several financial phases couples and singles go through in their search for prosperity: her content had formed itself through her own journey, and the journey she observed on others.

We only had one day, and while I wanted Jessica to walk away with everything she hoped for and more, I told her I thought the best thing we could do is ditch our agenda and focus on branding for a few minutes. She agreed.

When I looked at her content, I was blown away by its potential and I immediately saw some insights about it that she hadn’t considered. And she would be the only person in her entire country teaching this approach.

This new niche and brand felt so LIGHT in my body and to her, too … a sign of an aligned choice.

We still had plenty of time to create Jessica’s Joy Money Matrix which helped her develop an aligned strategy and the right business model, and we even touched

Jessica Vazquez head shot
briefly on her marketing plan. For her strategy, we leveraged her knowledge of PR and her love of doing videos and engaging people via Facebook posts.

After we met in October, Jessica put some feelers out into the media about her ideas and has been flooded with high vibe opportunities to be interviewed and build her client base.

She crafted first money Group Coaching Program and sold out in just 4 days!

This is perfect timing since she will be going full time with her business very soon. She is even starting her own online radio show.

As Jessica wrote to me in a recent email…

“Alignment ROCKS! Thank you. 10,000 times thank you. I am fully embracing my new money niche. And you know what? It feels so easy.”

The beauty of alignment is that your business will tell you where you are misaligned if you just open up and listen. All you need is the right tools and someone to guide you who wants to empower you, not tell you what to do.

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