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Alignment Stories: Clients She Loves + She Closed 20% of the Room = Organic, Natural and EASY

Just received this in my inbox from our newest Certified Ambassador, Angella Johnson. I’m smiling from ear to ear. What a great alignment story this is! “I am a Truth Guide who was pretending to be a Guru Star and I had experienced attracting non-ideal clients for years. Previous mentors just told me that “ya win some, you lose some” and that it was just part of business. Ick! Now I work with ideal clients who I absolutely love and I have exactly what they are looking for. I recently held an event and within a week closed 20% of the room into my $7,500 group program. I haven’t even opened up the program to my subscriber list yet because I’ve been so ecstatically busy with bringing in almost a dozen new clients. The Archetype Alignment Grid has solved the marketing mystery in my own business. I was so impressed with this I signed up to be a certified ambassador and in less than 45 days I made my money back from the certification investment, not to mention the confidence in myself, my business, my pricing and what I offer is over-the-top. I KNOW exactly how to help people now and how to sell and market myself in a way that is organic, natural and EASY. I tell everyone about this because it has changed my business in such powerful ways.” Want to explore becoming a Certified Ambassador of the Archetype Alignment Grid? Just click here to give me some more info. Then, we’ll hop on the phone and just see if it’s right for you. Or, want to learn more... read more

Why Focusing on Money Can Be a Huge Mistake + Here Is What to Do Instead

Do you ever set money targets (intentions) in your business? If so, how well does that work for you? It works really poorly for me. Why? It’s like putting fuel on the fire of my fear-based and control-based ego. Pretty soon I’m a big fat ball of fear and doubt and worry. Focusing on money actually stops money from circulating in my life. It took me so long to realize that focusing on money is just so limiting. Instead, I should be focusing on the impact my work can make. When I do that, money is just a by-product, and it can come in such higher quantities than I could have set for myself as “targets.” A great way to tell what to focus on to generate money in your business is to look at the times when creating money was easiest. That time for me was when my webinar went viral, and that was followed by a bunch of easy money flowing into my business. This went on for several months … and it was totally effortless. What was my intention at the time? What was I focusing on, or targeting? To make a lot of money? No. My intention was, “What would it take to bring my Archetype Alignment Grid into the world to massively more people and have it happen in a way that leaves me in awe?” I got into the vibration of awe and wonder and delight and possibilities. I have never, ever gotten into that energy when i think about money targets. When I think about money as a target, it feels heavy... read more

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Aliza Stein

CEO mindset coaching | Branding | Copywriting | Website strategy | Marketing strategy | Online business operations consulting | Marketing automation consulting

Gretchen Pritts

Gretchen Pritts

Marketing strategy | Social media strategy and training

Ave Peetri

Ave Peetri

Marketing strategy and execution plan | Accountability for achieving business growth goals | Marketing coaching

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Selma Foeken

Business Coaching for Trainers

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